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Final Major Project 2015: Bio

The Story

Originally, I wanted to express an aesthetically pleasing depiction of marine life.


As the journey foe exploration began with pattern-making and sewing, i realised the feminine role i was undertaking. This passing thought raised some concerns about the stereotypes in our traditions and our habits that has comforted and separated female and male roles. This eventually led me to understand the importance of the "acceptance of our gender strengths is a celebration of our humanity." I re-evaluated my art making and realised that my designs and photography are in sync with this discussion. The metaphor of women being entrapped by society's perceived roles are similar to our marine life trapped by men's lack of respect for the environment. 

The ratan corset indicating entrapment like a cage. The belt over the skirt represents a story board of a mermaid, representing a caring nurturing female figure, being friendly with the other sea creatures. A hook and a net appears, and finally the mermaid is caught, trapped by the fisherman's net.


The design represents the celebration of women's contribution as well as a protest against the restrictions placed on women. My practice and art making express the discussion of women's evolving role in society. I can now see that there are more doors opened to me than there ever could have been when my grandmother was at school, wondering about her future.

The title of this piece was quoted from the infamous Jane Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice. 

Final Major Project 2015: About
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