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Francesca is a specialist hand embroiderer based in Greater London. In a fashion context, she explores innovative designs producing high quality crafted pieces. Although her pieces fit in a fashion context, she ranges from artwear to stage costume wear, always challenging conceptual forms as a wearable art form. She interprets her initial research and ideas by constantly pushing the creative boundaries of traditional hand embroidery and challenging her practice, capturing a contemporary essence. 

Interested in creating a conceptual narrative in her works, each collection she makes resonate with a personal portrayal of who she is and what she believes in. Conceptual thinking and exploration leads to a refined but fluid way of working and produces visionary hand embroidery.  Concepts based on research of a vast range of inspired muses and artists which builds a generally good base for a personified art piece, she creates pieces of wearable art which best describes the wearer’s personality visually at best. Her works can be best described as a colourful collection of eclectic and experimental designs.

Francesca isn’t afraid to draw inspiration from daily life objects to notions on conceptual ideas represented as forms. Drawing key elements in her visual research which truly highlights its significance and importance of narrative exploration in her work, she uses symbolism and illustrations to translate into her work.


About me

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Her distinctive design identity is not afraid to explore vibrant and bold colour schemes.

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